MEGAN BROWN, DIRECTOR OF PILATES – Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor, IMX, since 2003, Certified Personal Trainer, ACE, since 1990, Certified for Pilates Mat and Floor work, Certified Barre Instructor.
After Megan earned her BA and MA degrees in Dance/Theater, she danced professionally in New York City and taught for NYU and The Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. Her love of teaching and working with individual students on their unique physical strengths and limitations has allowed Megan to move seamlessly to Pilates and Personal Training. “Once we learn that every move we make begins with engaging our core muscles, and our breath, we will gain strength and awareness from the inside out to move safely throughout our lives.”

Megan’s mission is to help you achieve your personal fitness goals with an effective and enjoyable workout towards living your best life!
415.897.2185 x114

CHARLENE LOWE, PILATES INSTRUCTOR – Charlene is a Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates, Yoga, and Mindful Meditation Instructor.

As a teacher of Pilates, Charlene integrates the focus of the mind and the power of the breath with the movement of the body, stemming from a strong, stable and flexible center to create a whole body sequence. She will safely guide you through each exercise offering progressions whenever she can, so each student can honor where their body is each day.