Rolling Hills Club offers a USA Pickleball Association, Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) Certified Coach to ensure players learn the proper fundamentals from the start, and develop their game to whichever highest level they hope to achieve. Teaching pros are available for private and group lessons. Lessons can be scheduled at a time convenient for you, and teaching professionals are available for individual or group clinics. Note: The PPR sets the standards when it comes to Pickleball Certifications.

RATES ($): All Access Member / Fitness Member or Guest

60-MINUTE (PRO) – $70 / $80

60-MINUTE (PRO) – $80 ($40ea) / $100 ($50ea)

60-MINUTE (PRO) – $90 ($30ea) / $120 ($40ea)

60-MINUTE (PRO) – $100 ($25ea) / $140 ($35ea)

ADULT & JUNIOR CLINICS will also be offered. Please visit Pickleball Clinics


Laree Mancour BIO:


pickleball-laree-mancourLaree Mancour was born an athlete. Her father is a PGA golf professional and had her swinging clubs as soon as she could hold one. By the first grade she was playing soccer, became a cheerleader in high school and obtained her certification to teach aerobics and be a personal trainer while attending college.

Laree became a successful business woman and climbed the corporate ladder, but never gave up her obsession with health and fitness. She is incredibly grateful and gives a lot of credit to her fathers golf lessons as much of her success in closing deals often were sealed on the 18th hole.

In 2007 Laree left corporate America to launch her own brand strategy, design and marketing business. It is simply in her nature to help people grow and thrive both professionally and physically. Many of her clients were passionate fitness entrepenuaers or sports oriented organizations. In 2018 she was referred to Aaron Locks, CEO and Founder of the National Academy of Athletics. The two had synergy and shared a passion for sports and developing healthy lifestyles in our youth. She instantly saw the opportunity to focus her energy into expanding the organization.

Laree is now the Managing Partner, CBO & CMO for the National Academy of Athletics. The NAofA is on a mission to bring youth sports to kids throughout the nation. They use sports to promote positive mental and physical development in our youth. Their goal is to diminish childhood obesity by advocating for healthy lifestyles while providing tools to boost confidence, optimism, enthusiasm, and personal growth. Within the 4 years that she partnered with Aaron, they have grown the business exponentially and have plans to franchise.

Laree Mancour believes an active healthy lifestyle starts when you are very young. Growing the NAofA gives her the opportunity to help children, however she remains an avid indoor cycling instructor and has also become certified through the USA Pickleball Association Professional Pickleball Registry as a coach.

“Playing sports like golf taught me to be honorable, focused, independent and how to strategize and make the most out of every situation. I learned strong work ethics as you can not improve without practice and discipline. Playing soccer taught me how to be part of a team, how to make sacrifices for the good of my entire team, and showed me how someones attitude can bring an entire team up… or down. You learn to trust and count on each other and how to lose without losing your pride and how to persevere. Playing Pickleball actually is all of the above! I feel without sports, kids would have a really hard time understanding these things- You learn by doing.”

Laree is now focused on taking the NAofA nationwide and leading her fitness classes by example as she strives to continue to stay healthy and become a competitive Pickleball player.