Rolling Hills Club has brought together an experienced team of personal trainers dedicated to developing individual fitness programs that are proven to deliver results. Each of our personal trainers is equipped with the professional knowledge and practical expertise to help you meet your goals, whether these are measured in pounds and inches or how you feel. When you train with Rolling Hills Club, you train for life.

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Through personalized attention, professional instruction, and innovative programming, we will provide a road map for your fitness health and wellness goals.

PRIVATE ( 30-minute )

  • Single $62
  • *INTRO 3-PACK* $115 ( $38 per session )
  • 5-Pack $268 ( $53 per session )
  • 10-Pack $480 ( $48 per session )

PRIVATE ( 60-minute )

  • Single $97
  • *INTRO 3-PACK* $209 ( $69 per session )
  • 5-Pack $425 ( $85 per session )
  • 10-Pack $782 ( $78 per session )

DUET ( 30-minute )

  • Single $43
  • 5-Pack $185 ( $37 per session )
  • 10-Pack $335 ( $33 per session )

DUET ( 60-minute )

  • Single $70
  • 5-Pack $300 ( $60 per session )
  • 10-Pack $547 ( $54 per session )

SMALL GROUP – 4 PERSON MAX ( 60-minute ) Pricing per person

  • Single $41
  • 5-Pack $174 ( $34 per session )
  • 10-Pack $289 ( $29 per session )

* NEW CLIENTS ONLY. Special Introductory Package.
10% Discount

($) Prices are per person.

Personal Training Guidelines & Policies

Prior to beginning your training, you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire and in certain situations be asked to provide clearance from your physician.

REFUND POLICY: All purchases are final. No refunds.

PACKAGE EXPIRATION POLICY: All packages expire 6 months from purchase date.

24-HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY: Please call to cancel 24 hours prior to start time to avoid charge.

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Personal Trainers


Lee’s goal is to provide a welcoming atmosphere that will only bring success to your health and fitness. He works very hard, is very involved in the community, and is absolutely dedicated to fitness.

Lee believes that exercise and training is the key to a complete healthy life. He has battled a weight problem and finally put that to rest after losing 125 lbs. He’s been fit for 10 years now. Lee holds the title of Mr. Santa Rosa!

Lee is here to provide his expertise in helping others achieve their lifetime goal. Having been successful, he is confident that he can help you do just that. He is willing to dedicate all he can to get you into the best shape of your life.


TORI GRAW – ACE Certified Personal Trainer, a Senior Fitness Specialist, and Fitness Instructor.

Tori brings her passion for teaching to work with clients, helping them reach their goals with improved mobility, strength, and performance. Her knowledge, skills, compassion, and enthusiasm, combined with her unique approach to utilize a variety of tools, enable her to individualize each training program with superb results.

RENE GUTIERREZ, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer; Specialist in Fitness of Older Adults
Rene is originally from the Philippines and has resided in Marin County since 1988.
He recognizes and appreciates that no two clients are alike, and to that affect, each program is tailored to each client’s individual needs and dedication. He excels in the art of supervised weight loss, strength training, body sculpting, and endurance building. His passion as a trainer is to physically challenge his clients to new levels of fitness.

TIM HAWKINS, A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer
Tim is certified by the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) and has been at Rolling Hills Club (RHC) for six years and has been a member of RHC for over 15 years. His passion for athletics fuels his desire to get his clients in great shape to perform their chosen sport effectively and efficiently. Tim subscribes to functional training protocol and utilizes many different tools to keep his clients fit. Believing we “all have a little bit of athlete in us”, Tim’s program designs will challenge, motivate and drive you; all the while strengthening your body and your mind.


ODYSSEUS ANDRIANOS – CSCS Certified Strength + Conditioning Coach, ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

Odysseus Andrianos holds a degree in Kinesiology from SDSU with an emphasis in nutrition. He also holds multiple coaching certifications. He’s been a lifestyle and wellness coach for 20+ years.

Early in his career he was the Wellness Professional for the W Hotel in SFO. At the age of 24, he built his first coaching facility and ran it for 11 years. He opened his second facility with WBE here in Novato. He is an expert in helping people lose weight, coaching athletes with plyometrics, and has extensive experience in sports psychology.

Ody was born and raised in Marin County, graduating from Terra Linda High where he played in the NCS football championships, was an elite high jumper in track, and set the record in vertical jump. He just published his first book, “Shadow Awakening” and became a certified trauma coach. Currently, he is getting certified as a quantum healer. His coaching blends mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance so his clients can achieve peak performance. Ody is also an experienced public speaker.