Rolling Hills Club - Pool Reservations

For monthly pool and lap lane availability schedule:


UPPER POOL – The upper pool has 1 lap lane for reservation and 4 for First Come, First Serve. The upper pool is only for adults 18 years and older with limited exceptions.

You can make reservations for the Upper Pool by clicking on the Member Login link in the upper right corner. You will need your User Name and Password to access. If you need Login credentials, please email and we will send them to you. Reservations can be made up to 3 days in advance. If you cannot use your reservation, you must cancel the reservation.  We ask that you cancel prior to 8 hours in advance whenever possible.  If you do not cancel you may be subject to a no-show fee of $15.00.

LOWER POOL- Lap lanes are First Come, First Serve. Check pool schedule above for lap and recreation swim lane availability.

During Family Rec Swim a rest break will be call at 50 minutes past the hour for 10 minutes. Rest break is adult swim only.


  • No  torpedoes, tennis balls, hard balls, nerf guns, squirt guns or mermaid tails.
  • Inflatable toys/donuts/boogie boards will not be allowed.
  • No glass allowed on the pool deck.
  • Earphones must be used with all electronic devices.
  • No horse play such as running, splashing, “Chicken fights”, shoving or dunking.
  • No standing on shoulders, includes adults.
  • No sitting, standing, playing on lane lines, lifeguard stands or pool covers.
  • No chewing gum or eating food in the water.
  • Please do not spit or clear you nose in the pool water or pool area.
  • Kickboards are not floatation devises and are used only for learning how to swim or practicing swimming skills.
  • No one under 14 years of age is allowed in the pool or family swim spa without an adult actively supervising at all times. If using the swim spa the adult must be inside the enclosure.
  • The tot pool is only open to children aged 4 and under. Each child must be actively supervised by an adult.
  • Children in diapers must wear a swim diaper.
  • Diving board is only open when there are two lifeguards on duty (during family rec swim hours)
  • As a family health club we ask that our members be mindful of our dress code in the warmer weather and out by the pool.  We ask that you do not wear undergarments or thong bathing suit bottoms to swim or sunbathe here.
  • Please be mindful of those around you when applying spray sunscreen.


A “Swimmer” is a person who is able to jump into the deep water, recover, swim freestyle (no doggie paddle) the width of the diving pool (deep water) and tread water for 1 minute unassisted; which is called passing the Lifeguard Test.

A “Non-Swimmer” is a person who is UNABLE to swim the width of the diving pool (deep water) and tread water for 1 minute unassisted. (UNABLE to pass the Lifeguard Test.)  If a person is unable to pass the test, he/she is not allowed in the diving pool even with adult supervision or a floatation device. Non-Swimmers must be in shallow water and have active adult supervision in the pool within arms distance whether or not a floatation device is being used or worn, which includes lifejackets and floaties.