I am not being hyperbolic that RHC SAVED ME mentally and physically during the pandemic by providing a place to swim. I was also a keen observer of all the work the team did to get the club open and operating as much as possible late 2020 into 2021.  I think we were blessed with the outdoor nature of the club supporting the ability to open earlier, but it really came down to the team executing in an evolving situation so please pass on my kudos to the entire team! Thanks again!


Rolling Hills is doing a great job! It’s organized, safe, and they have excellent protocols in place. They have been really proactive in getting members back to the club. Thanks for all you are doing. We appreciate it.


Rolling Hills has done an amazing job


We are so grateful and honored to have a club that has so much outdoor space to make this all happen while other clubs are still closed. I appreciate everything RHC has done to make its members feel safe and secure here. Love you RHC. Thank you.


Martha and her fabulous team have been working hard to re-create fitness and health with laser focus on safety from Covid. Always a beautiful club, Rolling Hills moved classes and workout equipment outside, sectioning off pools and tennis courts with guests signing up for desired times. I think this is a great model for the future of fitness. Congratulations to Martha and Rolling Hills for leading the way!


I haven’t been on an elliptical machine for 3 months.. I am winded but so happy you have made this happen. It feels so good to be huffing and puffing again. You have really done an amazing job opening up the Club again. Thank you so much for all you are doing.


I have not felt as safe going anywhere during this Covid crisis than I do at RHC. My husband is immune compromised and he feels so safe here too. You have done an incredible job. Thank you!


I am a teacher, now home and this Club has saved me and we brought our grandchild to the new Swim Pods and had a wonderful happy time here. You have done an amazing job


Thank you so much for making this work for us. You and Rob and your team are simply remarkable. This is perfect.


I actually love the reservation system because it is forcing me to keep my exercise appointments. I have not been swimming in years but now do it 3x a week.


I absolutely love the outdoor yoga classes under the canopies. It is so quiet , serene and helpful during these hard times.


Incredible job revamping to keep everyone safe and healthy!