Summer Camp 2017


Sports & Splash Camp Program – 9 weekly sessions

Join us for many exciting weeks of fun this summer at SPORTS & SPLASH CAMP! Whether you are one of our Rookies (age 5), All Stars (ages 6 & 7), or Pros (ages 8 -10), you will be part of a team everyday and together play soccer, basketball, games, and much more!

Beyond sports, each week will have a new theme, from “Slime & Grime” to “POW! Action Art”, that will inspire the activities we do and the arts and crafts we create.

Finally, it wouldn’t be Sports & Splash Camp without SWIMMING! Everyday, campers are invited to DIVE IN TO FUN during free swim or they can participate in our FREE group swim lessons, perfect for those campers who want to learn to swim on their own.

Don’t miss out on all the fun this summer at Sports & Splash Camp! Check out all our weekly themes and see which weeks are right for you! We look forward to seeing you at camp this summer!

SWIM SAFETY: All campers must pass the Rolling Hills Club Lifeguard Test to participate in free swim. For our Rookies campers and any campers not yet ready to pass the Lifeguard Test, we offer *FREE* group swim lessons professionally taught by our Rolling Hills Swim School instructors during free swim. You may also ask about our private swim lessons.

Members: $70 per day or $320 per week
Guests: $80 per day or $370 per week
+ $15 convenience free for drop in registration day of.
If registering for all 9 weeks, before March 13: 15% discount
If registering after March 13 and sign up for the entire
summer will receive 10 percent refund at the end of the summer.

8:30-9:00am  |  $3 per day
4:00-6:00pm  |  $10 per day

NOTE: Your child must be picked up from camp on time. If not,
your child will be brought to Extended Camp and the $10
Extended Camp fee will apply.

Camp t-shirts and arts & crafts supplies are included in camp fees.

Note: No Refunds are available for missing sessions.

  • Rookies (age 5)
  • All Stars (ages 6-7)
  • Pros (ages 8-10)



SLIME AND GRIME June 12 – 16

This is the “Oopy, Goopy” week of  camp. If you can think of a way to get messy, we found it! Water blaster wars reinvented, slime, fake blood, spaghetti toe fishing, human pancakes and sundaes, walking on oobleck, and everything else gooey will be the norm for this week. A magnificent mess!


Did you see it or not? Have fun learning some professional tricks that will amaze family & friends.  Learn skills for  twisting balloons, spinning plates & juggling scarfs. Are you good  spotting clues or solving a puzzle? Join us in “Mansion Mystery” & problem-solve your way out of an escape room. Mix up potions, float smoke- filled bubbles & watch a magician perform! This week has a little something for everyone.

CRASH TEST LAB June 26 – 30

Dream, design, destroy! Tinker & test as we launch, drop & smash  creations in our crash test lab. Try designing  catapults, floating a table top hovercraft, creating a bristle bot & racing kinetic racers. Whether you need to make a zipline or safely drop an egg, share your engineering solutions to our daily design challenges. We wrap up the week with our annual Cardbord Boat Regatta!

STATE FAIR  ( prorated ) July 3, 5-7

Create your own state fair at this fun week at RHC. Play classic fair & carnival games like sack races & balloon tosses. Participate in relay races & learn to do the Boot Scoot Boogie! Make delicious fair foods, including fried oreos, mini corn dogs, kool-aid pickles, apple lollipops & shake-it-up lemonade. Work in groups to solve Amusement Park engineering challenges such as creating a bungee jump, a merry go round, a high wire act & roller coaster!


Get your mixing bowls and oven mitts ready for some amazing culinary creations! Science takes center stage as you discover the connection between cooking and chemistry. Learn about our sense of taste and the genetics behind it. Travel to fast as The Flash, conjure up our own storm, and build Italy and make cheese & pasta from scratch. Flash back to the 80s with candy science featuring candies from the past. Plan, name & create your own signature flavored ice cream and soda. Travel to the future while learning about molecular gastronomy & creating fruit juice caviar & foams. STEM challenges using our favorite ingredients to round out the fun!


Come on a grand Odyssey as we study ancient secrets of the Greeks. Kids will learn the stories of myths like the guileful gorgon Medusa,  create masterpieces of Greek art & work in groups in STEM architectural & science challenges. Train for the crazy mock Olympic Games and be crowned Demi-gods!

POW! ACTION ART July 24 – 28

Explore color and movement while creating abstract art. Splatter, spin pound & hammer. Enjoy “Vincent  Van Dough Day” while sculpting & exploring different textures of clay…including making your own bendable sculpture. Take turns being the DJ while we rock out to “Rock, Paper, Scissors” projects. Become human art in our color run & tie dye activities. We’ll create irresistible yummy art with veggies, fruit, cookies & bread, ( NOTE: Bring a t-shirt on Friday. )

COMIC CON  July 31 – August 4

Celebrate popular culture at its finest! We have a day for zombies, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Star Wars & super heroes. Compete in costume and make-up wars, create a comic strip on a t-shirt, search for BigFoot on Mt. Burdell & geek out with our Emoji party. Will good or evil prevail in our Fandom Color War? ( NOTE: Bring a t-shirt on Friday. )


Again we will explore the nasty side of animals Learn about slimy creatures, vomit-muncher, blood suckers & unforgettable animal poops. We’ll play games that teach you about the food chain while cooking up meal worms & dissecting owl puke. Learn about animal adaptations while dissecting squid. We have a new secret offering this summer for you! It would not be animal week without special guests!


Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:00pm
$175 per week (Guests $200 per week)
Applicants must be at least 11 years old at the time of participation. Counselors in Training must possess a genuine interest in the camping/youth development field, in working with younger campers, and be willing to commit the required energy, enthusiasm, and cooperation in all aspects of the training and hands-on portions of the program. A positive, cooperative attitude and pleasant disposition are critical personal attributes for the position. Each CIT will be interviewed with a parent and must attend a three-hour training on May 27th, from 12:00pm -3:00pm.


ART TO WEAR June 19, 21, 23
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Ages 8-12
9:00am – 4:00pm
$180 members ($195 guests)
Create unique and stylish works of art, from clothing to jewelry. We will experiment with different media to create 3 unique pieces of jewelry and experiment with fabric dyes and paints to create one-of-a-kind creations. Enjoy a morning creating and an afternoon in and by the pool while making yummy cold treats!  Kids will have fabric bandannas provided in this program but if your child wants to bring clothing to create on, bring it along!

SWIM SAFETY: All campers must pass the Rolling Hills Club Lifeguard Test to participate in free swim. Any campers not yet ready to pass the Lifeguard Test will be eligible to receive *FREE* group swim lessons professionally taught by our Rolling Hills Swim School instructors during free swim. You may also ask about our private swim lessons.

MIGHTY GIRL SPA CAMP July 31, August 2, 4 and August 7, 9, 11
Girls, ages 7-12
9:00am – 4:00pm
$180 members ($195 guests)
Join us while we mix up masks, paint nails, make scrubs, bath bombs, create healthy snacks, braid hair, hike, hit the pool, and dance! New this year: body marbling, DIY lip gloss, orbeez pedicures, eye mask decorating, and cake pop war! Please bring a bright or dark color shirt for our Do It Yourself creations!

Spa Camp


This unique camp for our youngest campers is always a hit. Campers will enjoy games, activities, and art projects. Bring sunscreen, a towel, and please wear clothing you do not mind getting wet, as we will end the day in the baby pool!

Snacks and lunch will NOT be provided daily. Campers do not leave the club campus.
Each camper must be potty trained to participate and must be able to use the toilet on their own with use of a step stool.

Mondays & Thursdays (2 days per week)
9:00am – 1:00pm

Ages 2-5

($185 Guests)

OUT OF THIS WORLD August 14-17
Ground control to Jr. Day Camp! The Final Frontier. Campers explore the vastness of space and their own imagination this week at camp as they journey the Milky Way. This week is lift off for campers to their destination: FUN!

COME SAIL AWAY August 21-24
I’m the captain, so climb aboard! The water’s nice…dive in headfirst! This week Junior Day Campers explore the Deep Blue and the creatures, critters and crustaceans that call it home.



Our JUNIOR TENNIS CAMP is designed to follow our successful Junior Tennis Clinic program introducing youngsters to the great game of tennis! By instilling confidence in young players from the start, they have more fun, increasing the likelihood they will come back to play again and again, improving their skills with each trip to the court. We do not run a specific detailed curriculum, as we believe that each group and each child should receive instruction based upon their individual needs and developmental curve.

9 Weekly Sessions
June 12 – August 11
Monday – Friday
9:00am – 12:00pm

($275 Guests)

$50 per Day
($60 Guests)

What to Bring:
Water Bottle, Sunscreen, Hat + GREAT ATTITUDE

What to Wear:
Tennis Shoes, Shorts, Light Short Sleeved Shirt + SMILE!

Tennis Camp