Our Rolling Hills Club TRITONS Swim Team is dedicated to the maximum development of each swimmer as an athlete and as an individual. It encourages and welcomes youth ages 5-18 years to improve all-around swimming ability, including technique, strength, stamina and safety. The TRITONS Swim Team welcomes new and returning swimmers with the opportunity to have fun, make new friends, and improve overall fitness.

Our TRITONS are part of USA Swimming, a nationwide league of over 300,000 swimmers competing at over 2,800 clubs across the country. The TRITONS Swim Team is a program directed at all levels of swimming, allowing swimmers to experience a healthy, competitive environment shared with various teams throughout the Unites States.

TRITONS Swim Team is a program for junior swimmers serious about improving and developing to their fullest potential. Whether a current Stingrays swimmer or interested in becoming a Stingrays swimmer, this is an excellent program emphasizing stroke development, swimming efficiency, technique and training. Swimmers are expected to attend workouts on a regular basis and are encouraged to compete in the monthly meets.

Swimmers are welcome to train with the TRITONS Swim Team in monthly sessions from  August 1 through February 28.  Sessions begin on the 1st week day of each month. For days, times and monthly session rates, please see Practice Schedule.


We believe strongly in a true “team” environment. This team includes swimmers, coaches, and parents. No one should be differentiated by ability or any other characteristic. Everyone contributes and is valuable to the process, the environment, and the experience.

We believe in a character first environment, where every member of the team should have the opportunity to learn the lessons that a sport has to offer; self-discipline, commitment, personal responsibility, accountability, and goal-setting, as well as challenge and adversity.
We believe in an equal partnership between swimmers and coaches. Swimmers should make a commitment to the process, the team, and the coaches, and should act with the highest level of integrity, character, and respect. Coaches should commit to providing the best in technique and training that the sport has to offer.