Rolling Hills Club has two outdoor, year-round, heated swimming pools. Both our Recreational Pool and Adult Lap Swimming Pool are 25 yards in length. We also offer a diving well, baby pool, a family hot tub, and adult only hot tub. Temperatures for the pools range between 81 and 85 degrees.

POOL HOURS (Recreational Pool & Adult Lap Pool)
Weekdays 5:30am-9:30pm
Weekends 7:00am-7:30pm


LIFEGUARD HOURS* (Recreational Pool only)
Lifeguard Hours change seasonally. Please see current Pool Schedule for more information.
*Children under 14 years old require adult supervision regardless of lifeguard on duty.


All Children under 8 years of age must have adult supervision on the pool deck at all times regardless of whether a Lifeguard is on duty. Children 8-12 years old may swim without adult supervision ONLY if there is a lifeguard on duty. Children 14 years and older may swim without adult supervision AND without a lifeguard on duty.

NON-SWIMMERS and those wearing a floatation device must stay in the shallow end of the pool. The deep end, including the diving board, is off limits to non-swimmers even with an adult in attendance. An adult must be in the water within arm distance of the non-swimming child at all times.

Individuals who cannot pass the “Lifeguard Test” are not allowed in the deep end, even if they use flotation devices or have adult supervision in the water. (This rule applies to adults as well).

The “Lifeguard Test” equals jump into deep water, recover, swim free style one width of diving well and tread water one minute unassisted.

Children under 14 years must be directly supervised by an adult.


Always ask to share a lane. Do not jump in and just start swimming because it can surprise and frighten a swimmer. Once you have decided which lane you are going to use, sit down on the side of the pool and hang your legs in the water, off to one side of the lane. This will let the swimmer in the lane know you are there with fair warning and give them the chance to stop and confirm how the lane is going to work for you both once you start swimming. Ask each other about pool equipment and whether you are comfortable using it while sharing a lane.

Swim/Run/Walk/Exercise straight laps with one person on the right side and one person on the left side of the lane. The center black tile line splits the lane.

Swim/Run/Walk/Exercise in a counter clockwise circular pattern swimming on the right side of the lane. To pass or over take another swimmer, move to the middle of the lane and pass on the swimmer’s left side. This method can accommodate more than two people. The center black tile line splits the lane.